State Constable
What is a constable?
A Pennsylvania State Constable is an office held in Pennsylvania. It is the constable's job to enforce the law and carry it out, just the same as the job of district attorneys, sheriffs and the police generally" (see tn r Act 147 of 1990, 528 Pa., at470, 598 A.2d 9S5[verification needed]). In fact, Pennsylvania constables have the right in Pennsylvania to arrest by warrant anywhere in the commonwealth, and to conduct warrantless arrests for felonies and breaches of the peace, including warrantless arrests for felony violations of the drug laws (see Commonwealth v. Taylor, 450 Pa. Super. 583, 596, 677 A.2d 846,852 [Pa. 1996]). They also have statutory powers of arrest in certain situations (see e.g. 32 P.S. S582; S3 P.S. 13349. Constables are exempt from the legal requirement to have a license to carry for a firearm in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as they meet the definition of "Qualified Law Enforcement Officer" under the provisions of 18 USC 926b, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.
Contact: Constable Gallagher
Phone: (570)-350-7721
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